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  1. Lag.one is a Gaming Community Board that opened its doors on the 12th of August 2017. Our objective is to help gamers reach their goal on any game, discuss about gaming in general, offer tips and tricks thanks to the Guide system, and much more. We encourage our users to advertise their amateur game project/release and also provide technical and non-technical support to our users for their favorite games.
  2. Most of the contests and giveaways require you to spend up to 100LC if you wish to participate. This system was chosen in order to avoid users registering only for the giveaways while rewarding them for their growing activity. Bonuses and gains aren't officially published/known to avoid users spamming the biggest bonus everyday.

    Lagcoins are also used to purchase forum features, such as the Premium (Lagless) Membership -which isn't available yet.
  3. If you'd like to know more about the products you can purchase with your Lagcoins, you may visit our Shop.
  4. This isn't planned, yet. We might allow users to purchase Lagcoins after having been registered for at least two, or three days. Will be updated.
  5. Check out this thread if you wish to see another question -and its answer- added to this FAQ Page.
  • About Us

    Lag.one is a Gaming Community Forum with features such as the upcoming Guide system, promotion of user-made amateur games, technical and non-technical support for your games and much more. Discuss about specific games, gaming in general or other life subjects in one of the many available and well-moderated sections. Users are invited to follow the forum rules in order to keep the forum clear and clean. Check out the FAQ for more information.
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